Pouring Isolation & Claustrophobia!

As it chucked down this morning I thought “It’s not just pouring rain, it’s pouring isolation and claustrophobia”.

Possibly because I’m working from home on my own I find days like this very trying.  I had planned to head out and take some pictures of my own either up the Dublin Mountains or to Dun Laoghaire Pier but all fell by the wayside with the rain.

Weather does affect my head something awful in much the same way as the Moon affects the Oceans – no tangible connection but the affect is still there.  And I know I’m not alone in this – I’m not sure there is anyone who prefers a cold, wet and windy day to a warm, dry one – no doubt there will be those who are very OK with the former but is that just because they are necessary to give us the beautiful calming countryside that we have.  And I do appreciate the countryside but I just wish it could be achieved without days like this morning!  Impossible, I know but I can but wish…